Monday, June 24, 2013

Report on Salmon and habitat education from Walter Thompson

The report below is from Walter Thompson, who does a remarkable job taking on the education portion of our mission, as well as being the Hatchery Manager. Thanks Walter for another successful year:
This year we had 11 classes come to the hatchery from 3 different elementary schools. That pencils out to about 275 students. We also out planted Coho fry with 2 other elementary classes to North Creek. Additionally, nine 7th grade science classes at Canyon Park Jr High planted our Coho into their small stream on school property that runs into North Creek. So if you add it all up, plus the kids that help us at John Solbergs place--a couple hundred--and the kids that came to the open house to fish for trout and feed the Coho and Tom Hall's Parks and Rec's Kids fishing Class, I think we did extremely well in the area of educating and introducing the younger generation to the Pacific Salmon and to their importance to our region as well as to our planet. Thanks to all of you who helped make this happen this year: the feeders, the helpers at the kids' classes, the crew that moves the fish, and everyone who shows up when I send out the help messages. I really appreciate the support. Thanks again. Walt Thompson

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