Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Changes to Yearly Meeting & Event schedule

The Board of Directors, in our attempt to make the meetings more compelling and interesting for the members, have decided to make the following changes to our meeting schedule. We will have general meetings essentially quarterly (March 27th, June 26th, Sept 25th and Nov. 20th). Our big special events will be the Open House and Kids Fishing Pond as part of the Edmonds Waterfront Festival (June 1st & 2nd this year) and our annual Banquet and Auction will be on August 7th. We hope that this advance notice will help everyone to plan to attend these events. At each of the General Meetings we will have a good speaker that will address the needs or issues of that particular season, provide pizza for dinner and a great raffle.
The Hatchery is off to a great start this year and we can always use help with hosting school students who come to the hatchery to learn about salmon for field trips, feeding the fish that are being moved to the pond this weekend or working at the Open House in June. Contact Walter Thompson at 425-774-3903 or email him at wedell@msn.com

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