Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Logo Hat and T-Shirts now available at the General Meetings

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  1. Kyle Wagoner of Kyle's Outdoor Adventure Guide Servicehas cancelled on my group of 4 twice now. The first time ,Nov, 2011, was 12 hours before we were to fish on the Columbia river- he said that his boat was in the shop and he was in Arizona. Despite my 2 confirmations, he could not let us know before the night before departure- we lost time off work (Friday) and hotel fees. Then, he offered a half price for this weekend (again on the Columbia), so we gave him another chance. It was his offer and suggestion for Sept 1st, 2012, then he cancelled on us again. We lost prepaid hotel fees, months of planning and anticipating a great trip to be lied to a second time. Kyle Wagoner is NOT dependable. Just a heads up.